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Governments depend on TELL for developing seamless infrastructures, obtaining revenue assurance, implementing fraud prevention, and establishing regulatory frameworks.

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Multinational Mobile Network Operators lean on TELL’s expertise in gateway management and utilize our crystal-clear routes to maximize revenues and grow their reach.

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As your trusted partner, TELL keeps itself abreast of emerging technologies & focuses on Quality of Service in order to provide a great customer experience unparalleled by other providers.

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Large enterprises can benefit from our rich experience to develop, deploy and maintain secure and ubiquitous communication networks that put them a step ahead of the competition.

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TELL INTERNATIONAL INC., the current Manager of The Gambia’s Exclusive International Gateway, has made remarkable improvements in the operations and the management function of the Gateway.

Sulayman Susso
(Acting Managing Director, GAMTEL)

TELL is the industry-leading communication enabler that designs, builds, commissions, and maintains robust and advanced, national and international communication infrastructures for nation states, Governments, Voice Carriers, and Mobile Operators.

Over the past decade, we have single-handedly empowered millions of people from 200+ nationalities to communicate with their loved ones and conduct their day-to-day businesses over silky-smooth, highly reliable communication channels.

As the modern digital landscape has unfolded, TELL has always been on the forefront of technological change and adaption. We have assisted in the growth of the telecom sector and catalyzed economic development by installing highly efficient, pilferage-proof large-scale communications networks around the globe.

We invest a substantial amount of resources into Research and Development to evolve new technologies in order to stay abreast of the emerging communications environment.

Latest hardware, modern networks, cutting-edge, custom-built software modules, and decades of experience in national and global communications help us deliver beyond expectations.

Our turnkey services span over areas such as communication security, fraud detection and prevention, and communications sector regulation. We have partnered with Governments, Operators, and other agencies in multiple countries to develop, strengthen and regulate the communications sector on national and international levels.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in establishing a sound communications sector, plugging revenue losses, regulating Operators, and building an advanced communications infrastructure.

TELL INTERNATIONAL INC. has always fully respected its commitments and observed best international practices and continuously strived to provide high quality of service to GAMTEL network

Abdoulie Jobe
(Director General, PURA)

Establishing efficient and secure communications infrastructures and networks involves surmounting thorny logistical obstacles and implementing complex technical protocols. TELL specializes in translating intricate communication challenges into user-friendly solutions in line with our core values of technical excellence and exceptional customer support. 

Our cutting-edge Value Added Services, fool-proof fraud protection procedures, and passion for the advancement of the telecom sector through knowledge-sharing have earned us a spotless reputation in the industry. We offer the following services to different entities.

Regulatory Environment Establishment

Governments need to enforce global best practices for licensing, standardizing, monitoring, inspecting, optimizing, and regulating the communication services and the associated infrastructure.  TELL has over two decades of experience in global implementation of regulatory policies, procedures, and protocols. Take 5 minutes to read the Government Case Study to know how TELL can empower your Government to achieve international communication standards. 

Reliable Destinations and Voice Interconnection

TELL has achieved technological and operational excellence in providing reliable wholesale voice routes and clear voice interconnectivity. Our robust networks are supported by a 24/7 Network Operation Center and monitoring systems for keeping a close eye on Quality of Service. Over the last two decades, we have commissioned a large number of voice networks for reputable Operators around the world, helping in their business success and overall industry expansion.

International Communication Infrastructure

Enjoy total peace-of-mind when working with a leading telecom provider that possesses the requisite experience and infrastructure to manage voice networks comprising millions of minutes. TELL will provide you with excellent service in terms of reliability, stability, and efficiency in order to expand your reach and influence around the globe. Sit back and relax as we harness the power of communications and convert them into tangible competitive advantage for your enterprise.

Gateway Management and Route Stabilization

Deploying communication gateways to handle a nation’s voice traffic is a complex and challenging task.  TELL provides you with a turnkey solution ready for deployment with full functionality and Value Added Services. Why reinvent the wheel when you can have our globally tested and proven Gateway Management and Route Stabilization systems up and Running in minimum time? We bring 20-year experience, latest technology, and an immaculate track record to the table.

Value Added Services

TELL empowers MNOs to provide Value Added Services to their customers thus increasing ARPU, creating additional revenue streams through existing infrastructure and minimum risk, reducing churn, and regularly introducing services to address growing user expectations of an MNO. TELL’s systems are secure, glitch-free, and are being successfully used by multiple Operators and millions of people around the world.

Next Generation Network Infrastructure (NGN)

Our futuristic NGN infrastructure places you ahead of the technological curve by providing superior quality control, dynamic routing, redundancy and failover mechanisms, and voice optimization.  Our tested and proven telecommunication modules integrate seamlessly with each other and your existing infrastructure to deliver a reliable, cost-effective, and fully customized telecommunications network that fits your needs and environment. 

National Economic Growth

Global institutions and regulatory bodies rely on TELL’s international expertise in formulating policies and legislative measures for maintaining fair competition and creating favorable conditions for the growth of the telecom sector and the national economy. We protect consumers, build capacity within the local culture, integrate sustainable development, and maximize Government revenues.

Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management

Fraud has been plaguing the global telecom industry for many years. Up-to 5% of the potential Operator revenues are swindled away through criminal interference into telecommunication networks. TELL has responded to the situation by taking technological countermeasures to stem this endemic problem at its very core. The nationwide fraud detection and prevention systems and processes deployed by TELL have already saved millions of dollars of potentially lost revenues for Operators and Governments.

As Verscom, we hold TELL INTERNATIONAL INC. in the absolute highest regard for their operational and technical capabilities, that have been truly an asset to our establishment and for continuously incorporating new technologies, innovation and vision into their work and for always honoring their commitments in the highest professional manner.

Alper Tunga Burak
(Vice President, Verscom)

The technical capabilities of TELL are very highly regarded by the WTL Customer Support team – TELL are one of our most skilled and knowledgeable partners”.

“Our dealings with TELL have always been totally professional, equally rewarding and supportive, and a true measure of what a genuine partnership should represent: mutual benefits resulting from combined efforts

Simon Pearson
(Business Development Director, World Telecom Labs)

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